Collectors LOOK!!!!! New Original! Ultra Rare CX8202!!
Atari Retail Box of 5 Blank 5 1/4" CX8202 Diskettes for the Atari 810/815. These 5 1/4" floppy diskettes are used with an Atari 8 bit Personal Computer System & the Atari 8 bit Disk Drive 810/815. 1050, Indus, Percom, Rana, Astra, Trek, ETC. You must click on larger picture links below for details. They are not formated. Atari Retail Boxed 815 diskettes are extremely  rare! I only have one box. See picture of back. Shows Atari 815 dual disk drive. When the first trial production run of 50 815 disk drives had problems Atari scrapped the entire production. Most of the 815 disk drives were thrown into a dumpster. A few were kept at Atari. Atari had already stopped production of the 810 disk drives and ended up with no drives to sell for 6 months. Luckily they had the 1050 disk drive already in development. There was only a very small production run of these Retail Boxed Diskettes showing the Atari 815.

Atari Part # CX8202 Copyright 1980 Atari, Inc. Consumer
Division, A Warner Communications Company

New, Boxed 5 Atari 5 1/4" CX8202 Diskettes.
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