Revision C Basic.

Atari shipped three revisions of Atari Basic for their 8-bit computer lines.
Revisions A and B were buggy. We sell the Atari Revision C cartridge that works
on all Atari 8-bit computers as well as the Revision C chip that can be installled in
Atari 800 XL computers to replace the buggy the Revision B chip.

To test your cartridge/computer enter the following:


A number should appear on your TV.

If you get 162 you have Rev (A Brown Cartridge).
If you get 96 you have Rev B (only in 800XL Computers).
If you get 234 you have Rev C (in 65XE/130XE/XEGM/Rev C cart).

If you have one of the buggy versions you can purchase the Rev C from us.
We sell the following two products to fix the buggy versions.
Both are original Atari made products.

ATC087   BASIC REV C     $14.95 This is a complete Rev C cartridge made by
Atari and will plug into any Atari 8-bit computer. In an Atari 400/800/1200XL
you use it just like the old Rev A cartridge. While installed in an 600XL, 800XL,
65XE, 130XE or XEGM it replaces their internal Basic chip. It also works with
the 1400XL and 140XLD computers.
On our web site in the 8-bit cartridge section.

ICA947   BASIC C  CHIP    $12.00 This is a IC to replace the Rev B chip in an
800XL or repair a failed Rev C chip in later computers.
On our web site in the 8-bit hardware section.

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