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        Last update 3/27/2008

This is the ordering and service information

We have now added Discover and American Express to Visa and MC payments via Pay-pal.

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You can also pay direct. See payment info below.

For questions please call us.
Our hours are 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday.
Pacific West Coast hours. We are closed Saturday & Sunday.

Our shipping address is:
        B & C ComputerVisions
        5917 Stope Way
        El Dorado, Ca. 95623-4716

Our phone numbers are:
        (530) 295-9270
         We do not call or FAX answers.

We ship Atari computers, video games and parts world wide. We service many Atari products but do not service all Atari made products such as monitors, power supplies or coin operated Atari games. We carry over 5,000 products and parts just for Atari. When you contact us please know what machine you are ordering for. When you say you need a power supply for an Atari and do not know which Atari. We can not help you unless you call us with enough info to identify the product. We carry 40 different power supplies. 2600, 7800, 5200, 800, XL, 520ST, 1040STF, Mega, Mega STE, Portfolio, Falcon, Stacy, ABC, Lynx, Jaguar, PS-3000, ETC. all use different power supplies. On service our minimum price is $25. to test an item plus shipping, handling and insurance. Game repair are usually $50. and computer repairs $50 to $200.

E-mail us at "[email protected]". We do not have the time or people to provide technical support via the phone or by E-Mail. If you E-mail us for shipping cost, we need to know what you ordering and what state or country and zip code you live in.
NOTE: We get E-mail every week asking for shipping cost $$ without a shipping address. Please include state & zip code. We also need an item list so we can determine size and weight. Also make sure your return address on your E-mail is correct. Every week we spend time answering E-mail only to have the E-mail returned as undeliverable as no such address. If you have a spam mail blocker set up on AOL it kicks back msgs from other systems that AOL does not support. If our reply to you comes back to us as a rejected address there is nothing we can do to find your real address.

With all of the phone calls, moving, searching through boxes to find stuff, service, setup, ETC E-mail comes last. We are never going to finish unpacking if we try to answer all of the tons of E-mail we get. Please understand there is only two of us now. We just can not provide Atari technical support for the world. Thank You for your understanding. Bruce.

Technical Support:
If you need technical support we sell books, owners manuals and Field Service manuals or contact one of the many user groups. We do not provide consulting or technical support.

To order:
Provide us with, Customer number (if previous customer and you know it), Customer name and mail address, Shipping name and address (we ship via UPS in the US and via US mail outside the US), special shipping information, item number, description, price and a description of what Atari products you are ordering for (ST/800/2600,monitor,memory,ETC.). Phone number, FAX number & E-Mail address.

Note: If you do not know what you want, please call and we will try to assist you. If you buy something you do not like we do not take it back. Please do not order things unless you know what you want.

All payments must be in US$. If you pay via Pay-pal , Money orders, direct Visa/MC and Cashiers checks we usually ship within a couple days, depending on backlog and testing(some items we build and or test after receipt of the order). Orders paid by personal or company checks are held 3 weeks before shipping. We accept direct Visa/MC payments when you have a customer # from a previous order, or provide identification (fax or mail to us a copy of a phone, electric, garbage, ETC., bill showing your name and a US address). Please pre-pay your first order with a money order, Western Union or Pay-pal if you can not provide us with identification and a US address. We do not take company purchase orders or ship COD.

Only orders shipped to a California address have to pay 7.25% tax. If the order is shipped to an address outside of California you do not pay sales tax.

Shipping: (UPS raises its rates every Feb)
Shipping is based on weight, speed and location. Call or E-mail for cost. Minimum amount $8.00 in US and $15. outside US. All orders are insured when possible. Some countries do not insure packages. For those countries we do not refund missing or stolen orders. If you have a US address it is safer and more reliable. We ship UPS ground in the cont. US and US Post Office for outside USA shipments. Please note The Italian Post  Office is absolutley Horrible!!! They have lost more packages in just a couple months than the whole rest of the world has done in the last 10 years. Packages shipped Air Mail have taken 3 months. We will no longer ship First Class Mail to Italy for any package with a value over $30. We will now only ship Priority Mail Insured to Italy. Mr Rosario in Milan you are an idiot!

For some reason we are getting many requests to ship products with false customs tags. We do not falsify customs declarations. All products shipped by us to an address outside the USA will have a complete and accurate customs declaration attached. If you live in one of the countries where customs theft is a big problem or you have some other reason for not wanting an accurate customs declaration please find someone in the USA that can order for you and resend the package to you with your desired customs declaration. As a business we will not falsify any customs declaration for any reason.

Most items come with a 90 day warranty unless specified otherwise. Items must be returned to B & C shipping pre-paid for repair or replacement if they are defective. Items such as integrated circuits and laser drums are only warranted if installed and tested by us. B & C does not guarantee that you will like the products you buy or that they will work on your system. When in doubt call.

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