Pictures from CGE2003 8/14/2003 The Classic Gaing Expo in Las Vegas
We had a great show. One of our best shows ever. Everything went real smooth.
B & C Truck and trailer on the way to Las Vegas Friday Morning. Weighed in at 13,160 pounds.

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Set up Friday night. Needed more light at our booth.

Saturday morning start of show. Still needed more light at our booth.

The only break came on Sunday afternoon during Nolan Bushnell's talk.
Everyone went to his talk and gave us a nice break.
Higher res pics.
Left side



New info as of 12/23/2003
We are now releasing the Atari "Big Disk" The is a disk Atari made to demonstrate the Video capability of the Jaguar. Atari used this disk to test the CDROM drives in production and as a demo at some of the computer shows. It is fully encrypted and runs on any Jagaur with CDROM. No Bypass or developer units required. It features several Jaguar commercials including "AVP Oh Mom", Kasumi Ninja, Doom, Iron Solder and several Movie Trailers including Star Wars, Back to the Future III(?), Jaws & Maverick. You can zoom in or out, rotate, flip or jump. This is not a game, it is a test disk and a technology demo disk.

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Atari Sales & Service
B & C ComputerVisions

Introduced at the show and now avaiable:
Jaguar Varuna's Force Demo 2 CDROM
Jaguar Formaula F1 Racer 2 CDROM Pre-release set
Jaguar B&C Aircars cart
Primal Rage Master CDROM Backup
Jaguar Diagnostic(May 3, 1994) Cart
  Requires Jaglink, PC adapter and modem software.
Jaguar CDROM Diagnostic LMS 915 Cart
  Requires Test Disk 2A, Jaglink, PC adapter and modem software.
Jaguar CDROM Test Disk 2A  for Jaguar CDROM Diagnostic cart LMS915
Jaguar Jaglink to IBM/ST DB-9 adapter
Jaguar Jaglink to IBM/ST DB-25 adapter

Thank You for the Great Show
Bruce, Cathy and family