Cathy and I will be older this weekend. 60!! My mind does not accept that!!

June 26, 2007 Federal Express arrives with an overnight Ferderal Express package.
It was marked perishable. Inside was an ice chest.

A Yellow sheet said Live Lobster Package.

In the ice chest was a ice pack, 2 live Maine Lobsters, a fresh lemon, 2 Crab cakes,
2 Chocolate Rasberry Cheescake, 2 Filet Migon, Clam Chowder, Oyster Crackers,
butter, shell cracking and picking tools, bibs, finger wipes plus fun to read cooking instructions.

Yes they are alive and moving.

Everything was thawed but still chilled.

We fixed and ate the fantastic Crab Cakes while we warmed up the water and Barbacue. They were
the best crab cakes I have ever eaten.

Out of the pot they have changed color. The book that came with them gave step by step preparation
and cooking instructions and told us they would not scream when you put them in the water.
Cathy wanted the bands off when I cooked them. It worked great! I still have all 8 fingers.

They supplied the Lobster bibs. Cathy melted the butter. The tools to crack and pick came too.
The instruction sheet in the lower left was step by step Lobster eating instructions.

While I was boiling the lobster Cathy barbacued the steak.

The steaks were fantastic. It was so tender you did not need a steak knife. We had fun digging
out the lobster and soaking it in butter. I think The Maine Lobster has more taste than Calif
Lobster and the steaks were so good.

Lobsters picked clean.  After eating the first 3 courses we were stuffed so decided
to save the Clam  Chowder and Cheescake for tomorrow.

The way it was all setup made it all fun. It all has tasted so good!!!
Fun to open, Fun to explore, Fun to read, Fun to fix and Fun to eat.

Thank You for the fun Present.