Last update 6/5/2002
New Space War 2000 Carts with label. Now shipping daily.
See pictures and instructions at bottom.

From JustClaws screen shots.

If You were there? Thank You for making 2001 the Best CGE we have ever had. The show was great! We introduced the unfinished test proto copy of Jaguar "Space War 2000" with rave reviews. Even though this games we brought to the show were not completed and sometimes locked up, did not come in a case or with instructions, we sold every copy we brought to the show and received tons of orders. This is a fully encrypted game and works on any US Jaguar(Sorry I do not know if it works internationally). We are selling them at this time for $50. + S&H. The only complaint people had at CGE was that we did not bring more copies and that we were sold out by the time they heard about Jaguar "Space War 2000". We sold out of many other items at the show also. From Bruce & Cathy at B & C ComputerVisions, Thank You for making CGE 2001 such a great show.

If you want your own copy of Space War 2000 Unfinished Proto Test cart we are now shipping them with case label and limited instuctions. You can order through Pay-pal to [email protected]. $50. + $6(USA) or $18(UK/Canada/Germany) or call in your order following our Ordering Instuctions.

                                     Sorry for the delays.
  I ran out of parts. The first 2 batchs we made were with parts from Atari on socketed carts. The problem is first I ran out of those parts then second everyone that got them wanted to get cases for the carts and you can not put a case on a socketed board. Solution:the company that made most of Atari Jaguar Games supplied me with the same parts they supplied to Atari. Great news!! Working for weeks we now have enough completed games with case and label to fill all orders.  Cathy started shipping out complete cartriges with case and label on 9/05/2001.
                                 Thank You for you patience.

If you have already received your no case bare cart either from the show or the ones we shipped out later, please         ship them back to us and I will replace them with a new one in the case with label .

Game instructions:

Button - Use
A - fires laser
B - fires main weapon
C - special weapon
1 - throttle down
3 - throttle up
2 - look forward
8 - look backward
4 - look left
6 - look right
5 - change radar range
9 - back and behind view
0 - toggle music
OPTION - cycle special weapons
PAUSE - pause game

This game defintely is a working demo. It's playable. I haven't been able
to get two player to work yet. There's no volume control for the music or
sound effects (not implemented in this version). The Weapon Shop is
selectable but there's nothing to do in it except leave. And it appears there's
a limit on your energy. I managed to run out of energy and couldn't move
and couldn't fire. I had to let a asteroid hit me to end the game. And the
guy's face in the game appears to be Lance Lewis. He was one of Atari's
top game testers.