New pics 04/03/2003 All done for now. Here is number 16 for Winter 2003

This is Wendy's new little boy only a few hours old. Pepper always like to check out the new babies.
This one kept chasing her around for several minutes. When the mom finally came to get the baby
Pepper growled at the mom. Click on picture to get second shot. Click here for third shot.

I took the dogs today to the new pasture to look for predators.

Pepper said no one up here. Click picture for Sierra. Click here for Jamoca

They also checked in the Rocks.

Click on picture for another or here for Jamoca saying enough.

Took a picture of this crazy tree limb. It grows down from a tree, along the ground and then back up.
Jamoca says no more pictures. Click on picture for another pic of Jamoca.