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B&C ComputerVisions has been selling and servicing computers and accessories since 1978. We have specialized in ATARI since 1984. This web page has been established to help you find what products we have to support your ATARI needs. We try to update it when we can, but, with over 5,000 products we can not be exact. 96% of the products we list are in stock at the price listed. We have hundreds of products that we have not listed yet. Price lists are stored as ASCII text on separate pages that can be accessed by double clicking on the product you are interested in. There is an Ordering Information page to help you with ordering details. You can double click here or further below for product info:

We have some new Lynx & Jaguar games Now Shipping!!
Sorry we have not had time to work on this section so it is suffering!!

Pictures from CGE 2003 in Las Vegas

Classic Games Expo 2012 Las Vegas

Total Carnage New for Atari Jaguar!

Picture of Arena Football 95 Cartridge

New Review thread of Arena Football

Arena Football Review

First Picture of Jaguar Brett Hull Hockey & AirCars cartridges.

Jaguar CDROM "The Big Disk"

Jaguar CDROM Diagnostic Test Procedure.

Jaguar Demo CDROMs Varuna's Force, Demolition Man and Caves of Fear no longer require Bypass cartridge.

Atari 8-bit Basic Bug fix!

Barkley Shut Up & Jam now comes with FREE Team Tap for 4 player action.

Just out Barkley SUJ review by Gaztee!
Warning this is 2M byte with pics.
Same review less pics.

Click to see Barkley SUJ 4 Player Label revised 2/26/03

Caves of Fear review

Lynx AVP review

2600 Cartridge Instruction Manuals on CDROM $9.95
Need a Game Instruction for an Atari 2500/VCS game cartridge??
Brand New PC Compatible CDROM in stock.

Over 400 2600 game manuals in easy to print Word format. Also schematics and owners manuals for 2600/7800/5200 all on one CDROM. Just $9.95


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