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Some pictures just for fun:

Rudy visits UC Davis 7/04/2007

New Lambs Born 3/8/2003

Horses in front pasture


Bruce & Cathy turn 60
Live Lobster Dinner!

B & C VomputerVisions Van Burns up!

Click for Pictures of Cathy & Harry with
our Barbados Sheep.

Harry Larry!

Pictures from CGE 2003 in Las Vegas

Total Carnage New for Atari Jaguar!

Picture of Arena Football 95 Cartridge

New Review threat of Arena Football

Arena Football Review

Falcon Computer

8-bit XE Game Machine

1200XL 64K Computer

400/800 Computers

Atari CX-40 Joystick

CX-40 Joystick Repair kit

Joystick/Paddle Tester

Paddle Controllers

Indy 500 Driving Controller

2600 Keypad

Atari 7800 Euro Joystick

Atari Track & Field Controller

Atari Remote Control Joystick

Atari 2600

Atari 7800

Atari 7800 developers cart

5200 4 Port

5200 Joystick

5200 Trackball

5200 4 port RF switch box

Jaguar with CDROM

Jaguar Developer Flash ROM

Atari Player on Board Sign

810 Disk Drive PCB

XM-301 Modem Box

XC-12 Cassette Player

XC-12 Cassette Player Box

Alien vs Predator

Cathy setting up at CGE99

Bruce & Eric Setting up at CGE99

Service Center Sign

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